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“Two lines of Urdu Poetry which make a complete meaning and sense are called a Shair”

Urdu Shairs are a very common type of Urdu Poetry. They may be a part of Urdu Ghazal or the poet says Shairs by the way sometimes. A deep and complete  Shair from the imaginative mind of a creative poet can have a magical effect on the mind. Some of the Poets like Mirza Ghalib and Ahmad Faraz have some single Urdu Ashaar which not only make a complete sense but they are very deep thoughts and at the peak of imagination.

Sad Urdu Shair

Shab e gham ki talkhium ko, meray dil se koi poochay,
Teri raah taktay takty jisay subha ho gai ha,

Two verses of Sad Urdu Poetry, a Sad Urdu Shair, some time a single shair touches the core of the heart and feels like the feelings are mine which are presented by poet.
shab e gham
Shair designed above as seen is a combination of a sad picture with a sad Urdu Shair, The combination gives a very unique and deep thought to the Poetry.

English explanation:

The Poet in these verses conveys his feelings that Who knows the pain and suffering of the lonely night better than me, the night which is ending and i still am thinking and waiting for him/her…

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry

Mohsin Naqvi is a renowned Urdu Poet, He has written so much poetry the Urdu Shair in below photo is of his poetry.

 Mohsin Naqvi

 Aaya na koi raas tujhay ghar bhi qafas bhi,

Ab aey dil e kamzarf kisi sheher main bas bhi,

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