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History of Urdu Poetry

History of Urdu Poetry

Ameer kusro best poetry

Thirteenth century was the starting century of Urdu Poetry. That was the time when people started to innovate with Urdu and one of those is Ameer Khusro. Urdu Poetry gradually improved or what you can say better is changed with time. The classic poetry we are known of, is not that old. Mirza ghalib(1796–1869) was a 19th century poet technically, who is the most popular amongst all classic poets of Urdu Poetry.


Urdu Poetry getting Popular

Urdu Poetry started getting popular in 17th century and in 18th century there were some very famous poets for Urdu Poetry who are often remembered today. Khwaja Mir dard, Meer taqi Meer, Bahadur Shah Zafar are well-known and remembered poets of 18th century. They contributed to Poetry in a very inspiring manner. Urdu Language itself was widely understood and spoken in the subcontinent. Urdu itself is a mixture of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Punjabi. It had a taste of all languages and cultural heritage of the different parts of the region. This is one of the reasons of success of Urdu Language and Urdu Poetry.

A Social Instrument “Mushaira”

Urdu Poetry also served as a social instrument in the society. People used to have get together and poets shared their poetry to the people who must have inspired many people. The life was not so busy those days and there was no rush as compared to today. People had time for others and time to make relations with others who were living near to them. “A gathering of poets to share their art to the audience” is known as “Mushaira”.Urdu Poetry contests were held and also some other games were used to be played.

Urdu Poetry as a Profession

Urdu Poetry in 18th and 19th century got a very honorable place in the society and poets were greatly appreciated. Often Kings summoned the famous poets to listen and enjoy their work in the palaces and castles. Most of the poets used to be in financial difficulties because people did not appreciate poets with good amount of money. If we compare with today there was no bigger stage for poets to put forward their art in front of the audience which would like it. In short Poet was not considered as a professional and poetry was not considered as profession in some parts.

Summary of Urdu Poetry History

A short reading to history of Urdu Poetry is indeed very interesting and inspiring. It is astonishing that Urdu Poetry has gained much popularity on the most modern means of communication, One can find a huge collection of Urdu Poetry in Internet today. Internet has a very big collection of audio and video poetry and mushaira mehfils one can enjoy. Today Urdu poetry is recognized and shared not only in sub-continent but all over the world.

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