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Urdu Poetry | Nazms and Ashaar

Urdu Poetry | Nazms and Ashaar

Today’s post is about Urdu Poetry, Urdu Nazms and Urdu Ashaar. Legend Urdu Poets have left a huge resource of Urdu Poetry. Many up-coming generations will take great pleasure in reading and understanding the it. The great thing about Urdu Poetry is “Feelings which can not be expressed by thousand ordinary words can often be conveyed by two couplets of the a poet”. Urdu Poetry has such a magic in it. Urdu Nazms and Urdu Ashaar are popular types of Urdu Poetry which are going to be shared today.

Urdu Poetry | Urdu Nazm

Usually many kinds of Urdu Poems are known as Urdu Nazms. Urdu Nazm is such a type of Urdu Poetry which does not require to have rhyming words in the end of each couplet the length of the couplets, these are characteristics of Urdu Ghazals.

The theme of today’s Urdu Nazm is “I miss you“, The Poet very emotionally reminding all the letters, long emails, chatting, exchange of gifts that have been done between them and all the promises.On the Peak point of this Urdu Nazm the poet says “chalo dil pe chataan rah kar gulistaan e muhabbat ko, khud barbaad karty hain”…

Agar tark e ta’aluk hi wafaoun ka taqaza ha,
khushi say bhool jao tum,
wo shab dhalay ki khamoshi main meray nam likhay khat,
Taveel e-mails, wo shairoun say, phooloun say laday sab card,
meray mobile per wo jagmagaty pyar k qissay,
wo khushbu bat ki yadain, wo mehki rat ki batain,
Adhooray sab fasanay or adhoori sab mulaqatain,
tumhain meri ijazat ha,
bhula do saray qadoun ko, bhula do sari yadoun ko,
Jala do meri sab nazmain,
lota do pyar k tohfay,
Qalam jis per tumhara nam chaandi se likhaya tha,
wo tie jo galay ka haar ban k rehti thi aksar,
Kitabain…. Jo tumhari khwab gah ki ab bhi zeenat hain,
wo Cd jo tumhari gari main ab bhi amanat ha,
Romaloun per tumhara nam ham ne khud hi garha tha,
agar tark e ta’aluk hi wafaoun ka taqaza ha,
suno phir aaj hi is be mehr sa’at k saye main,
har ik shart e wafa se ham tumhain aazad karty hain,
K khud hi Qatl hoty hain, khud bedaad karty hain,
chalo dil pe chataan rakh kar,
gulistaan e muhabbat ko,
khud barbaad karty hain,
tumhara nam tak lety nahi tanhaiyoun main ham,
magar is dil ki dharkan ko bana kar raz dan apna,
tumhain ham yad karty hain,

Urdu Poetry| Urdu Nazm
This really is a heart touching Urdu Poetry. This also is an Urdu Sad Poetry as there is some feeling of grief in it

 Urdu Poetry | Urdu Ashaar

Urdu Shair is a type of Urdu Poetry which has only two couplets and often very deep mysteries are very easily expressed in the tow couplets! This is the most popular and often used type of Urdu Poetry. People use to say Shairs in the situations where the true meaning of these Urdu Ashaar can be understood.

Bashir Badr has a collection of very outstanding Urdu poetry. One of his Shair is as follows…

Ik mehfil main kai mehfilain hoti hain shareek,

Jisko bhi paas say dekho gy wo tanha ho ga,

Dr. Bashir Badr

Urdu Poetry| Urdu ShairThat is the end of our post of today which summarily explained the two types of Urdu Poetry which are known as Urdu Nazms and Urdu Ashaar.

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Urdu Sad Poetry

Urdu Sad Poetry

A really beautiful Urdu Sad Poetry be very popular Poets (Ahmed Faraz and Ashraf Hassan Saoz) is our sharing today with our respected and loveable community…

There is an Urdu Ghazal and Urdu Shair in this Post. Both i have designed myself. Ahmed Faraz Poetry is designed from the scratch and the other Urdu Poetry picture is decorated by me.

Ahmad Faraz | Rakh dety hain

Firstly here is Ghazal by Ahmed Faraz. He is one of the most popular in the history of Urdu Poetry. Poetry of Ahmad Faraz is often Romantic Poetry and also Sad Poetry is also a prominent feature of his poetry. Many of his Urdu Ghazals are really loved and appreciated and shared again and again in Mushairas and Mehfils..

Sab Qarenay usi dildar kay rakh dety hain,
ham ghazal main bhi hunar yaar k rakh dety hain,

Shayad aa jayen kabhi chashm e kharidar main ham,
jan o dil baich k bazar main rakh dety hain,

Zikr e janaan main yeh duniya ko kahan le aye,
log kiun mas’alay baykaar kay rakh dety hain,

Zindagi teri amanat ha magar kya keejay,
Log yeh bojh bhi thak har k rakh dety hain,

Ham to chahat main bhi Ghalib k Mukallid hain faraz,
Jis pe marty hain usay maar kay rakh dety hain,

Urdu Poetry

Urdu Shair | Ashraf Hassan Saoz

A beautiful Urdu Shair by an unknown poet Ashraf Hassan Saoz is also a part of our today’s Urdu Sad Poetry.

LAgi thi aag darakhtoon ko ik zamana hua,
Dhuwaan sa aaj bhi uth’ta ha aashiyanu main,

Urdu Sad Poetry

This was our poet of Urdu Sad poetry in Urdu Poetry section and also is included in Designed Poetry section. Please leave a comment and give us feedback by linking and sharing our post with social media and your friends.


Urdu Sad Poetry

Urdu Sad Poetry

yad kar kay mujhay takleef to hoti ho gi,
Aik qissa hun purana sa bhula dau mujh ko,

English explanation:  A  shair of Urdu sad poetry where a lover is in grief and sorrow. That must have been painful whenever you remind me, Forget me as i am part of an old story, The poet himself is not able to forget the memories and when ever he thinks of the past he becomes sad.

Urdu Poetry