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Some Urdu Sad Poetry

Some Urdu Sad Poetry:

A couple of amazing pieces of Urdu Sad Poetry are in our post today. We use designed poetry to give our readers a unique and more beautiful look to the poetry. First piece of Urdu Sad Poetry is a Ghazal. In this ghazal the poet talks about the loneliness and the pitilessness of the one he thinks about.

Main jo mehka to meri shakh jala di us nay,
sabz mosam main mujhay zard hawa di us nay,

pehly ik lamhy ki zanjeer main bandha mujh ko,
or phir waqt ki raftar barha di us nay,

janta tha k mujhay mot sakoo’n bakhshay gi,
woh sitamgar tha so jeenay ki dua di us nay,

Us kay honay say thin sansain meri dugni shayad,
Woh jo bichra to meri umr ghata di us nay,

Translation of last 2 shairs of Urdu Sad Poetry above:

Knew that death would calm me,
he/she was inexorable, prayed for my life,

being with him/her my life was doubled, perhaps,
when he/she left, decreased was my lifetime,

Urdu poetry ghazal

A Touch of Mohsin Bhopali’s Poetry:

And here is a really wonderful piece of Urdu Poetry by a well-known poet, Mohsin Bhopali who expresses his feelings in a very unique way.

Ham muslikhat-e-waqt kay kaael nahi yaro,

ilzam jo dena ha sar-e-aam dia jaey,

Sad Urdu Poetry

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Yaad Raat or Tanhai | Urdu Poetry

Yaad Raat or Tanhai | Urdu Poetry:

Todays Urdu Poetry is going to be on the topic of Yaad, Raat, and Tanhai. Some very Beautiful Urdu Ghazals have been shared on the website. Some of them are:

Urdu Ghazal | Raat sunti rahi main sunata raha:

So here is such a beautifully written Urdu Ghazal. Poet shares the feeling of his lonliness (Tanhai) and a purely unique imagination in this Sad Poetry.

Raat sunti rahi main sunata raha
dard ki dastan main btata raha

Log logon sy chahat nibhaty rahy
Ek wo tha mera dil jalata raha

Dhop chaoon C uski tabyat rahi
Wo nigahain milata churata raha

Dil k mehman-khany main ronak rahi
koi ata raha koi jata raha

Hum-maktab ny sara sabak parh liya
Main tera nam likhta mitata raha

Ek main hi piyasa mery dosto
Log pety rahy main pelata raha


Urdu Poetry

Sad Poetry | Your Memories:

An awesome Piece of Sad Poetry and one of my favorite Urdu Shair.

Bari Tabdilliyan laye hain apnay aap main lekin,
Tumhain bas yaad karny ki, wo aadat ab bhi baki ha,

“Many changes, i have made, in myself, BUT
The habit of thinking/remembering you, still remains”

Urdu Shayeri

Note: All the Urdu Poetry and Sad Poetry is delicately collected, selected and converted in to Designed Poetry. Almost all the poetry is designed by the owner of this website. You can download share and use the creations. The commercial use of any creation is strictly prohibited.