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Romantic Urdu Poetry

Romantic Urdu Ashaar

Beautiful and Romantic Urdu Shair By Mohsin Bhopali is selected for today.


Yeh uska tarz e tahatb bhi khoob ha Mohsin,
Ruka ruka sa tabassum khafa khafa ankhain,


Urdu ashaar

Ik pashemaan ki hasrat se mujhay sochta ha,
Ab wohi sheher e muhabbat se mujhay sochta ha,

msin to mehdood say lamhoon main mili thi us say,
Phir bhi woh kitni wazahat se mujhay sochta ha,

This is Romantic Urdu Poetry, Poetry Love. Romantic Urdu Ashaar are designed beautifully.  Poet explains love of their loved one and is surprised how much they love the poet although the moments when they met were very limited but a glance is enough to think for hours and hours…

Beautiful Urdu Poetry

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Sad Urdu Ghazal | Rah asan ho gai ho gi

Sad Urdu Ghazal

Rah asan ho gai ho gi
an pehchan ho gai ho gi,
Phir palat kar nigah nahi ai,
Tujh pe Qurban ho gai ho gi,
Teri zulfoun ko cherti thi saba,
Khud pareshan ho gai hogi,
mout se teray dard mandoun ki.
mushkil asan ho gae ho gi,
us say bhi cheen lo gy yad apni,
jin ka emaan ho gae ho gi,
Dil ki taskeen poochtay hain aap,
han meri jan ho gae ho gi,
marnay waloun pe Saif hairat kiun?
mout asan ho gae ho gi,

This Urdu Ghazal is a very beautiful imagination of a mind of the poet. A glance of sadness gives Urdu Poetry some more deepness. Poet is a bit sad about someones ignorance and also fascinated by the beauty of them. He feels it very hard to live without them. There is no serenity without them.
A Sad Urdu Ghazal
The Designed Poetry Above is solely designed by the admin of this site, The background is borrowed from a friendly site. Design gives some more explanation to the poetry and combination of Design and poetry, if it is good it touches the heart. I keeping this fact in mind get the designed poetry ready for you. Sad Poetry with sad sad pictures in the background and romantic poetry with bright and lovely photos in the background.
It will be greatly appreciated if you read my site and also comment on it and make sure you give feedback and let me know about your suggestions and requests.


Sad Urdu Poetry Collection

Collection of Sad Urdu Poetry

A best collection of sad urdu poetry ghazals, nazms and ashaar. Urdu Poetry romantic ghazals, nazms and shairs are very delicately designed and given the good combination of pictures. Many romantic and lovely poetry is also included. All the Urdu poetry is very well balanced and is written by famous poets.

Sad Urdu Poetry

Sad urdu poetry has many types, poets write about their past and try to explain the hardships they had to bear. the wishes and desires which are still not fulfilled. Sad urdu poetry can be on the friends who were not sincere but the poet expected them to be sincere, some people make a mark on the heart which can not be forgotten. Many things can not be shared in general, the grief of these feelings can be lessened by writing and reading some of the sad poetry.

Sad Urdu Poetry | Favorite

Many people including me like sad urdu poetry and are fond of making a collection of sad urdu ghazals and nazams and shairs of poetry like Ahmad Faraz, perveen shakir, wasi shah and many of the legends of sad urdu poetry. If i start naming every poet this post will not be enough for them. Poetry of Mirza ghalib has been very deep and touching he has written some awesome sad urdu poetry, ghazals, nazms and ashaar. his ful name was mirza asadullah baig khan ghalib. These poets have some very special sad urdu poetry which i will share with you in the future regularly.

Sad Urdu Poetry | Pictures

Here is some very beautiful poetry with colorful pictures…

Sad Urdu Poetry | Designing

all the Designed poetry can be shared and read on the internet and please dont remove logo from the designed poetry. If you want to learn how to design poetry ask me i will give you links where you will learn how to design poetry very beautifully.

Sad Urdu Poetry | SMS

As you all know that all the poetry including sad urdu poetry and romantic poetry is now sent and received through sms messages through cell phones. Sms messages has become a very good medium of sharing feelings with others. I only want to say that please while doing sms keep the words right and don’t use other names than the poets in your sms.

i am making this post in 2011 hope that many people will like this and give positive feedback to me for this sad urdu poetry treasure.


Designed Poetry | har qadam

Designed Urdu Poetry
Designed urdu ghazal

Designed Urdu Ghazal

This urdu ghazal is designed beautifully as you can see. a roman urdu version is following:

har qadam guraizan tha, har nazar main wehshat thi,
maslihat parastoon ki rahbari qayamat thi,

manzil e tamanna tak kon sath deta ha,
gard e sae la hasil har safar ki kismat ha,

aap hi bigarta ha, ap man bhi jata ha,
is guraiz pehlu ki ye ajeeb adat ha,

us ne hal pucha to, yad hi na ata tha,
kis ko kis se shikwa ha, kis se kya shikayat ha,

dasht main hawaoun ki be rukhi ne mara ha,
sheher main zamany ki pooch gach se wehshat thi,

yoon to din daharat hi log loot jaty hain,
magar un nigahoon ki or hi syasat ha,

hijar ka zamana bhi kya ghazab zamana tha,
ankh main samandar tha, dheaan main wo surat thi,