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Chand Raat wallpaper

Eid Wallpaper | Chand Raat wallpaper

I did not want to miss Chand Raat wallpaper after i have made some Eid Wallpapers. Chand raat is a very beautiful night before Eid day when the beautiful moon is sighted and people rejoice and celebrate and are very happy…

 Eid wallpapers

I have made this Chand Raat wallpaper myself in Photoshop 🙂

Eid Card


Eid Poetry

Eid Poetry

I have designed some pictures of Eid Poetry.

This first Eid Poetry picture is a beautiful piece of poetry. The poet says Eid mubarik in his shair in a very lovely way.

Eid Mubarik

The second piece of poetry is for some people who live in foreign (pardais), and on Eid day they becomes sad because the memory of their country and they recall Eids they have celebrated in their country with love ones and all loveable relatives…

Perdais ki eidYou need not to get sad if you live away from your loveones because all of them miss you like you miss them just cll them all and be happy….

Another Urdu Shair in the collection of Eid Poetry..

Urdu poetry on Eid

Hope you enjoyed todays post on Eid poetry in urdu which is solely designed by me (admin)…
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Eid Wallpapers

Eid Wallpapers

Eid is a day of happiness and joy after the holy month of Ramzan, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-fitr. I have made some Eid Wallpapers this time on eid…

 Eid MubarikThis Eid wallpaper i have made is created from blank in Photoshop. Some photoshop effects and brushes are used in this Eid Wallpaper.

Eid celebrations

This wallpaper is also made from scratch in Photoshop and brushes and some effects are used… Hope you like my wallpapers and give feedback if you dislike or like these Eid Wallpapers,