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Designed Urdu Poetry

Designed Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry continues from the Earlier post about urdu poetry Last time i shared some Urdu Ashaar, I have that Urdu Poetry Designed now and i will share that designed Urdu poetry in this post. We start from the one and only

Designed Urdu Poetry of Ghalib

Mirza ghalib is known for his sad urdu poetry. In this poetry he says…

Nazar lagy na kahin us k dast e bazu ko,
Ye log kiun mere zakhm e jigar ko dekhty hain,

Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib poetry

Designed Urdu Poetry of Iqbal

A different type of poetry by Allama Iqbal…

Muhabbat poetry by Iqbal

Designed Urdu Poetry of Faraz

here are a couple of Pieces of sad urdu poetry from Ahmed Faraz are as follows,

sad poetry of Ahmed FARAZ

Main shab ka bhi mujrim hun sahar ka bhi hun mujrim,
yaro mujy is sheher k adaab sikha do,

ahmed faraz poetry

Designed Urdu Poetry of Parveen shakir

And here is an other one a very beautiful and romantic urdu shair from parveen shakir..

Sad urdu poetry by parveen shakir

Designed Urdu Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

We end with another great poet of urdu poetry and sad urdu poetry Faiz Ahmed Faiz

best sad urdu poetry


Urdu Poetry Shairs collection

Urdu Poetry Shairs collection

Today i am going to share some beautiful and deep Urdu Poetry. The Urdu poetry is writtenĀ  in Roman Urdu. I have designed these and tried to give a unique look and combine poetry with the pictures on which it is put on in the next post of the series of posts of urdu poetry. This post is linked with my previous post on Urdu Poetry where i have introduced some poets and tried to describe Urdu Poetry.

Best Collection of Urdu Poetry shairs

I will share poetry of four poets today. These are Allama Iqbal, Munir Niyazi, Ahmed Faraz and Parveen Shakir.

The first piece of poetry is by Allama Muhammad Iqbal the Legend Allama Iqbal.

Khamosh ay dil bhari mehfil main chillana nahi acha,
Adab pehla qareena ha muhabbat k qareenu main,

Allama Iqbal

The next piece of poetry is of a very renowned and famous poet Ahmed Faraz, Ahmed Faraz says,

Yoon phir raha ha kanch ka paikar liay huay,
Ghafil ko ye gumaan ha k pathar na aye ga,

Ahmed Faraz

Another one, and this is from Munir Niyazi,

Milti nahi Panah hamain jis zameen per,
Ik Hashr us zameen pe utha dena chahiay,

Munir Niyazi

The Last one for today is from Parveen shakir and she says his poetry,

Koi sawal kary to kya kahun us say?
Bicharny walay sabab to bata judai ka,

Parveen Shakir

Hope you Enjoyed all the shairs collection of Urdu Poetry.
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