Romantic Urdu Ghazals

Romantic Urdu Ghazals:

A Ghazal can be described as a poetic type containing rhyming lines along with an abstain, that includes every couplet expressing that identical meter. Any Ghazal could possibly be perceived being a lyrical concept with both of them a painfulness of great loss or perhaps broken relationships in addition to the elegance about love regardless of that trouble. This form of Urdu Poetry is longstanding, beginning within sixth century Arabic passage. It’s extracted out of an Arabian panegyric qasida. The particular structural standards for the ghazal are usually comparable in stringency to most with a Petrarchan sonnet. Within it’s pattern as well as content material it is just a type that has already proven able of the remarkable range with reflection close to it’s main ideas of love and also separating. Its just one from the primary types that the actual Perso-Arabic civilizations provided to the eastern side Islamic culture.

A Ghazal passed on in to South Asia from the twelfth century within the control of the modern Islamic Sultanate legal courts as well as Sufi mystics. Even though a ghazal is actually generally conspicuously the type of Dari poetry and Urdu poetry, these days it really is observed with the poetry among numerous languages of sub-continent.

Abhi is taraf na nigaah kar, main Ghazal ki palkain sanwaar loon,
Mera lafz lafz ho aayena, tujhay aayenay main utaar loon,

Main tamam din ka thaka hua, tu tamam shab ka jaga hua,
Zara theher ja isi morr per, teray sath sham guzaar loon,

Agar aasmaan ki numayeshoon main mujhay bhi Izn e qayaam ho,
To main motiyoon ki dokaan say teri baliyan teray haar loon,

Kahin or baant day shuhratain, kahin or bakhsh day izzatain,
Meray paas ha mera aayena main kabhi na ghard o ghubaar loon,

Kai ajnabi teri chah main meray paas say yoon guzar gaey,
Jinhain daikh kar ye tarap hui, tera nam lay k pukaar loon,

Lovely romantic ghazal by Bashir Badar

This Romantic Urdu Ghazal by Dr. Bashir Badr is beautiful and very imaginative. The poet describes the beauty of their lover. Lovely concepts enhance this Romantic Urdu Ghazal

Another Romantic Urdu Ghazal

This Romantic Ghazal is suggested by a friend. Very deep couplets of the Ghazal makes it unique.

Koi Ghazal suna kar kya karna,
yoon bat barha kar kya karna,

tum meray thy tum meray ho,
dunya ko bata kar kya karna,

Tum Ehed nibhao chahat sey,
koi rasm nibha kar kya karna,

tum khafa bhi achay lagty ho,
phir tum ko Mana kar kya karna,

teray dar pe aa kar baithy hain,
ab ghar b jaa kar kya karna,

Din yad sey acha guzray ga,
phir tum ko bhula kar kya karna…

Koi ghazal suna kar kya karna

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