Nasir Kazmi’s Urdu Poetry

Nasir Kazmi’s Urdu Poetry:

After a couple of week delay here is some Urdu Poetry. It was the death anniversary of Nasir Kazmi on 2nd March. Nasir Kazmi was a very famous Urdu Poet and wrote many books. “Pehli barish” and “Barg-e-nae” are a couple of his books. His contribution to Urdu poetry will never be forgotten. He has written some very beautiful and unique Romantic Urdu Poetry and Sad Urdu Poetry. Let me present to you a couple of pieces of his Urdu poetry.

Urdu Poetry of Nasir Kazmi

In Roman Urdu:
Here is the Ghazal in Roman Urdu.

Naz e beganagi main kya kuch tha,
Husn ki sadgi main kya kuch tha,

Lakh rahain theen lakh jalway thy,
Ehd-e-aawargi main kya kuch tha,

Ankh khulty hi chup gai har shay,
Aalam-e-bekhudi main kya kuch tha,

Yad hain marhalay muhabbat kay,
haey us bay kli main kya kuch tha,

Kitny beety dinoon ki yad aai,
Aaj teri kami main kya kuch tha,

Kitnay manoos log yad aaey,
Subha ki chandani main kya kuch tha,

Rat bhar ham na so sakay Nasir,
Parda-e-khamshi main kya kuch tha,

This Urdu Ghazal is one great and one of the most famous piece of Urdu Poetry by Nasir Kazmi.

And this is another very beautiful Urdu Shair from Nasir Kazmi’s Ghazal.

Urdu Poetry and ashaar

Araish-e-khayal bhi ho dil ksha bhi ho,
Woh dard ab kahan jisay dil chahta bhi ho,

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  • R. M. Dixit

    Shukriya bahut bahtreen her dil aziz
    sad ghazal se nawaza. Tabiyat khush hui.
    dil bahal gaya ghazal padte padte.

    “Yaad hain marhale mohabbat key
    haey us bey kli mai kyaa kuch tha.”

    R. M. Dixit

  • Shameerbhatti786