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Mirza Ghalib | Introduction

Mirza Ghalib
Asadullah baig khan

Mirza Ghalib is One of the Greatest Poets in the history of Urdu Poetry. Urdu Poetry can not be completed without his contribution. Mirza Ghalib was not only the poet of  his age but his poetry is remembered, sung and shared today. Mirza Ghalib wrote much sad urdu poetry.

Mirza Ghalib | Bio-data

He was born at the end of 18th century in Agra. Mirza Ghalib’s exact birth date is 27 December 1797, yes Mirza Asadullah khan Ghalib’s star is also capricorn. Ghalib’s full name is Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. His pen-name was Ghalib and he also used “asad” as his pen name.  His father’s name was Abdullah baig khan. Ghalib had 3 sisters and 3 brothers. His father died when he was 5, in 1803. Then Ghalib started living with his uncle who was, at that time he was the governor of Agra. His uncle died in 1806. Ghalib got married when he was 13. The name of Ghalib’s wife was Umrao Begam. Mirza Ghalib died in the late 1860s. his exact date of decease is 15th February 1869.

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  • Ehsanking16

    ham ko maloom hai jannat ke haqiqat lakin dil k khush rkna ko ghalib ya khayal acha en

  • Nomanfromdaska

    tum wo zalem hu ju maray dil mein rah ker b mara na ban saka ghalib
    aur dill wo kafer hai k muj mein kar bhi tayra hu gaya

  • binode kripalani

    i love his poems abd shayris