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A Sad Poem | I Miss You

A Sad Poem | I Miss You:

This is one of the sad poems in which the author explains the emptiness and sadness being created in them because of the death of someone they really loved. This sad poetry is really heart touching and a true feeling expressed by the author.

 Something so hard
goes straight to the soul;
it seems impossible to get over
and my heart is left with a big hole.

I’m trying to be happy, wearing a smile;
but I’m dying inside.
The world seems to be fading,
and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face,
and realize how much I miss you;
and on the day you died
a piece of me died too.

 Sad Poem

This was another addition to the sad poems and sad poetry we have on our website.


Sad Poetry | Sad Poem:

Sad Poetry | Sad Poem | The Pain:

A Sad Poem is what we have in today’s Sad Poetry. Loneliness and despair has been shown in the poem but ends with a hope, A hope has all the strength in it.

The pain I feel is unbearable and it tears me apart
The sadness and loneliness bring aches to my heart

I cry in silence and hide in the dark
The hurt and the torment always leaves its mark

I have no friends and no family who see my pain
As I sit and cry alone in the rain

Why I am so alone? Why can’t you see?
Why won’t anyone try and help me?

I’m all alone with the tears and the sorrow
And wishing that there would be no tomorrow

I’m miserable and always want to cry
I’m all alone in this world and I want to die

And yet I know that I must go on
Though I’m in hell, I must be strong

Sad poems by: Jasmine

Designed Poetry | Sad Poem:

Here is a Designed Poetry version of the same sad poem. It is created by me. I tried to give this sad poetry a more meaningful look according to the poetry.

sad poem

I hope you liked this sad poetry and also designed poetry version of this sad poem.


Sad Poetry | If you leave I will die

Romantic Sad Poetry | If you leave I will die

A lovely peace of poetry today….

Under her dark veil she wrung her hands….
”Why are you so pale today ?”
”Because I made him drink of stinging grief
Until he got drunk on it.
How can I forget ?He staggered out,
His mouth twisted in agony…
I ran down not touching the bannister….
And caught up with him at the gate….
I cried: “A joke!!!
That’s all it was.If you leave I’ll die.”
He smiled calmly and grimly.
And told me:”Don’t stay here in the wind.”

Anna Akhmatova

Romantic Sad Poetry | Designed Poetry

This is the Designed version of the above Poetry

Sad Poetry which is awesomely romantic

I personally loved this Romantic and Sad poetry. It very beautifully expresses the feelings of most sad moments and the most lovely ones… The reason i said that it  is Romantic Poetry as well as Sad Poetry is that in the first part it shows hurtful pain and agony and after that the most lovely and Romantic feeling of love thrills the mind…


Sad Poetry | Even the rain Ghazal

Sad Poetry | Even the rain

Sad Poetry is by Agha Shahid Ali who was born in India in 1949.

Sad poem Ghazal

What will suffice for a true-love knot? Even the rain?
But he has bought grief’s lottery, bought even the rain.

“our glosses / wanting in this world” “Can you remember?”
Anyone! “when we thought / the poets taught” even the rain?

After we died–That was it!–God left us in the dark.
And as we forgot the dark, we forgot even the rain.

Drought was over. Where was I? Drinks were on the house.
For mixers, my love, you’d poured–what?–even the rain.

Of this pear-shaped orange’s perfumed twist, I will say:
Extract Vermouth from the bergamot, even the rain.

How did the Enemy love you–with earth? air? and fire?
He held just one thing back till he got even: the rain.

This is God’s site for a new house of executions?
You swear by the Bible, Despot, even the rain?

After the bones–those flowers–this was found in the urn:
The lost river, ashes from the ghat, even the rain.

What was I to prophesy if not the end of the world?
A salt pillar for the lonely lot, even the rain.

How the air raged, desperate, streaming the earth with flames–
to help burn down my house, Fire sought even the rain.

He would raze the mountains, he would level the waves,
he would, to smooth his epic plot, even the rain.

New York belongs at daybreak to only me, just me–
to make this claim Memory’s brought even the rain.

They’ve found the knife that killed you, but whose prints are these?
No one has such small hands, Shahid, not even the rain.



Sad Poetry

Sad Poetry by William Shakespeare

Sad Poetry is what today i have selected for you. Poetry is a way to a flower and poetrycommunicate and tell others what you can not say in simple words. Sad Poetry is written when there is a deep wound in the lovers heart and yet to be healed.

William Shakespeare a legendary poet has written many poems some of which are greats with no doubt.

No longer mourn for me when I am dead

Then you shall hear the surly sullen bell

Give warning to the world that I am fled

From this vile world, with vilest worms to dwell:

Nay, if you read this line, remember not

The hand that writ it; for I love you so

That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot

If thinking on me then should make you woe.

O, if, I say, you look upon this verse

When I perhaps compounded am with clay,

Does not so much as my poor name rehearse?

But let your love even with my life decay,

Lest the wise world should look into your moan

And mock you with me after I am gone

William Shakespeare

Sad Poetry by Other Poets

Here is another piece of Sad Poetry. This is also very beautiful imagination of the creative mind of the poet.  A poem by a heart broken lover. Feelings in this Sad Poetry are very real and heart touching.
I’m Not Angry Because We Broke Up,
I’m Sad Because I Can’t Let You Go

I’m Not Angry At You For Not Loving Me,
I’m Angry With Me For Still Loving You

I’m Not Angry That I Lost You,
I’m Sad Because I Once Had You..

I’m Not Angry That I Can’t Have You,
I’m Sad Because I Know What I’m Missing..

I’m Not Angry That You’ve Moved On,
I’m Sad Because I Can’t..

I’m Not Angry That You Won’t Come Back,
I’m Sad Because I Keep Hoping You Will..

I’m Not Angry Because I Hate You And Don’t Want To,
I’m Sad Because I Miss You And I Love You…….!!!

Very caring poetry for some one loved. The poet has very sweetly described how much they care and love with their lover. Aspect of sadness is there in the poetry. To keep happy the loved one is one only priority for the lover.

The tears your cheeks they stain,
I too feel your pain.
When you hurt my heart cries for you,
All I can say is I’m here for you.
With a shoulder to lean on when things get rough,
It’s alright for you to hurt there’s no need to be tough.
Let me share what hurts your heart,
Please don’t shut me out let me do my part.
I can’t make it go away,
But I can promise you it’s not here to stay.
There will again be days of blue skies,
When tears no longer glisten in your eyes.
Until that day, my love I am here,
To hold your hand and ease your fear.