Ahmad Faraz and urdu Poetry

Ahmad Faraz | Urdu Poetry

Ahmad Faraz is known as one of the best poet of modern Urdu Poetry. His original name was Syed Ahmed Shah and his pen name was “Faraz”. Like Mirza Ghalib‘s poetry Mirza Ghalib | bas kay dushwar ha and Aah ko chahiay Faraz’s poetry has also gained much popularity.

Urdu Poetry Legend

Ahmad Faraz | Urdu Poetry journey

He was a great Pakistani Urdu poet. He belongs to Kohat (Pakistani City) as he was born there. He started saying poetry in his very early life. Ahmad’s whole family moved to Peshawar He shown his interest in literature as he did his masters in Persian and Urdu from Peshawar University. he wrote many of the best of  best ghazals and nazms in urdu. He was given many awards. he was popular in other countries like India.

A young photo of faraz

Ahmad Faraz’s Urdu Poetry

Ahmad Faraz has written so much awesome urdu poetry. in the below photo he is reading his written urdu poetry for the audience. He also attended many of the mushaeras of Urdu Poetry.

Reading Urdu Poetry

Ahmad Faraz’s Urdu Ghazals

here are some of the Urdu Ghazals written by Ahmad Faraz.

abhi to zid ha usay rasta badalnay ki farazsuraj ki roshnia killing piece of poetry by Ahmed Faraz

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